TxTo Unrolls Your Story By Printing Out SMS Conversations Onto Scrolls


Très fière.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

What kind of stories are locked up in your Messages app? Love stories? Tales of friendships made, and lost, and patched up once again? What about the story of your first funding, or acquisition?

Txto.io is ready to remind you of those stories, from start to finish, with a clever little service that lets you print out your text history on a miniature scroll. "Unroll your story," they promise.

We’ve all been there.

You open up a text conversation, and start scrolling up. "Load more messages," the banner reads, and you click, and click, and click again to find some particular moment in years’ worth of SMS dialogue. You exhaust yourself, and just as you’re about to give up, you realize there’s a special, unique word in one of the earliest messages in the conversation. "To the universal search function," you rejoice aloud, only to find that you’re sent to…

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